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The Second International Conference on Materials Chemistry and Environmental Protection (MEEP 2018) will be held during November 23-25 in Sanya City, China. MEEP2018 is striving to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to discuss recent progress in the area of Chemical, Material and Environmental Protection.

Publishing and Indexing

All accepted papers by MEEP2018 will be available at the SciTePress Digital Library, and Proceedings will be submitted for indexation by: Ei Compendex, Inspec, SCOPUS, dblp, Thomson Reuters, Semantic Scholar.

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Keynote Speakers

Latest News

1. MEEP2018 has been included in cnki and ScienceNet.cn
2. Before conference, if you just want to attend the conference and don’t want to publish a paper, please write an email to secretary@icmeep.org for registration, we will send you the invitation, please note your name, affiliation, telephone. MEEP 2018 | Keynote Speakers

Accepted Papers

MEEP12820: Immobilization of Horseradish Peroxidase on Modified Electrospun Nanofibrous Membrane for 2,4-Dichlorophenol Removal
Ning Wei, Ran Xu and Rongzhi Tang
Abstract: In this study, a facile and simple method was used to modify the hydrophobic PAN/PVdF membranes into hydrophilic ones. Results showed that the PAN/PVdF membranes have been modified successfully and the water contact angle…

MEEP11494: Magnetic properties of edge hydrogenated Zigzag black Phosphorene Nanoribbon by Fe doping
Xinfeng Li, Kai Zhang, Shanling Ren, Yunhui Wang and Zhihong Yang
Abstract: Using first-principles based on density functional theory within the GGA+U framework, we investigated the structural states, energy, and magnetic properties of edge hydrogenated Zigzag black Phosphorene Nanoribbon (H-ZPNR)…

MEEP15973: Reversible thermochromic and phase change composites based on dicarboxylic acid
Lu Wang, Xiu-Wen Wu, Huanhuan Wang, et al.
Abstract: Reversible thermochromic and phase change dual functional composites were synthesized with crystal violet lactone as the leuco dye, the mixture of stearic acid and decanoic acid as the developer and phase change…

MEEP15749: Series-Parallel Optimization Model for Heat exchanger Network
Bin Yang, Shiqi Liu and Zhouli Zhao
Abstract: Based on the parallel heat exchanger network, a series-parallel optimization model of the heat exchanger network for industrial circulating water system is established. The flow rate and temperature of the heat exchangers in the…


Important Dates

Submission Deadline:
October 20th, 2018
Conference Date:
November 23-25th, 2018

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The conference is approaching and the last deadline of submission is November 20, 2018, please submit your paper or application as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.