Call for Papers

The topic of the paper submitted to this conference is included but not limited to:

Chemical Engineering and Technology
Fine Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals
Study on Catalyst and Catalytic Reaction
New Energy Development and Energy Chemical Engineering
Clean Production and Green Chemical Technology
Polymer Engineering
Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, Chemical Process Intensification
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Biological Chemical and Technology
Electrochemical Engineering
Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Chemical Process System and Information Engineering
Chemical Machinery and Equipment
Paper and Fiber Engineering
Chemical Surveying Technology and Instrument
Food Science and Engineering
Medicine and Biomedical Engineering
Material Science and Engineering
Non-ferrous Metal Material
Iron and Steel
Micro / Nano Materials
Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials
New Functional Materials
Building Materials
New Energy Materials
Environmental Friendly Materials
Earthquake Materials and Design
Smart/Intelligent Materials/Intelligent Systems
Materials Forming
Materials Machining
Physics and Numerical Simulation of Materials Process
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
Welding & Joining
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Material Design of Comupter Aided
Tooling Testing and Evaluation of Materials
Environmental Protection
Soil Destruction
Chemical Pollution
Air Pollution
Chaos Urbanization
Forest Area Reduction
Polar Ozone Hole
Biological Diversity
Threat of Fresh Water Resources
Climate Change and Energy Waste
Over Exploitation of Marine
Water Treatment
Energy-saving and Emission-reduction

Important Dates

Submission Deadline:
November 23th, 2018
Conference Date:
November 23-25th, 2018

Reminder: Close
The conference is approaching and the last deadline of submission is November 20, 2018, please submit your paper or application as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.